How to choose brass faucet

2020-08-08 10:03:49

Stainless steel faucet is usually relative to brass faucet, stainless steel faucet does not contain lead poison, and excellent brass faucet contains very little lead, which will not bring any damage to human body. However, it can not be said that stainless steel faucet must be better than brass faucet, so the faucet can not only see whether it contains lead, but the quality is main.

Why do brass faucets contain lead? I wonder if we have thought about this question. First of all, brass belongs to copper zinc alloy. When forging the tap, brass will add a small amount of lead into it. Then lead is clearly harmful to human body. Why should we participate in it! The manufacturer also too does not have the professional ethics! The reason why we did this is that the machinability of brass castings will be greatly improved by taking part in lead. Lead is insoluble in copper zinc alloy, but it can play an excellent lubricating effect. If we do not participate in lead, it will constitute a manufacturing leader, which is very difficult, and the base can not be produced.

Lead on the surface of the faucet will form an oxide film when encountering air. When it encounters water, it will fall off, making lead dissolved in water, forming lead separation, affecting our health.

Therefore, excellent brass faucets will use lead washing technology to remove lead at the end of the manufacturing process, so that the lead content is very small, in line with national regulations. And the market price of dozens of yuan of faucets, is the foundation will not think about these, the primary raw material will use inferior brass, lead content is higher, so we must not touch the low-end brass faucet, there is no advantage to the human body.


Therefore, an excellent brass faucet needs to have the following quality: the first use of excellent brass raw materials as raw materials; workmanship to achieve precision treatment, no burr, no scratch, no dark spots; the use of clean lead technology, lead content will be reduced to the national standard below, or far below the national standard, to achieve no harm to the human body; electroplating to bright, lubrication, coating Good adhesion, through 24 hours salt spray test.

Then I simply use stainless steel faucet, also save to choose. Stainless steel faucet is indeed the trend of the times, but some advantages of brass faucet can not be completed.

They are the leading brands in this industry. Even if they do so well, their stainless steel products are not as rich as brass ones in style design.

And the production technology of stainless steel faucet is complex, and the cost is high. Few of them are really good together, and some brands of stainless steel faucets are not satisfactory.

Therefore, we can buy excellent stainless steel and brass faucets. Moreover, most of our domestic water is tap water, and the center has to flow through a lot of brass pipe fittings. As an element of reference, lead is still mainly determined by the quality of its workmanship. Do not fall into the wrong area.

The article comes from Kaiping stainless steel faucet manufacturer

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