Can faucet use affect the health of household water?

2020-08-08 10:03:49

The health problem of domestic water has led us to pay more and more attention, but perhaps, we do not know that the use of faucets has a great impact on water quality. What questions should we pay attention to when using the tap?

First, the appearance and interior of the hose should be cleaned regularly

Many owners are not interested in the cleaning of faucets, thinking that we are using faucets every day, so cleaning has no meaning. Otherwise, we should always clean the exterior and interior of the faucet, otherwise it will affect the water quality.

After we install the faucet, we suggest that you clean the surface of the faucet once a month, rinse the surface with clean water, and then dry it with a soft cloth. If the water quantity of the faucet is reduced or the water outlet bifurcates, it means that the bubbler of the faucet is blocked. At this time, the bubbler should be removed, soaked in vinegar, and then cleaned with a small brush or other things, and then re installed.


2. Tap can be used immediately when it is not working

Most people are used to turning on the tap in the morning to use it directly, but generally speaking, before using the tap the next day, the water accumulated in the tap overnight should be drained first and then used again.

As for the faucet, we are "smelling lead color change". Originally, no matter how good the faucet is, it is difficult to avoid more or less lead deposition pollution. Only under normal conditions, due to the effect of the lead protective film in the faucet, its content is greatly reduced to the standard level.

However, the long-term retention of water in the tap will lead to the fall of the protective film of lead, and lead will be separated after dissolving in water. In particular, the traditional faucet and water pipe are more simple, rusty and will pollute the water quality. Therefore, the yellow water in the pipe should be drained when it is used early. In commodity selection, stainless steel faucet is relatively healthy, but the price will be higher.

3. Frequent replacement of faucets

When you buy a house, you can decorate it. In addition to household appliances and other big things, many things will take ten years to use. That's why we pay so much attention to the quality of household goods. However, even if the faucet has not been damaged for many years, you should update and replace them. As the faucet is used for a long time, it will have different degrees Corrosion condition of the steel.

For faucets with good brand reputation, they can be replaced every five years. If they are relatively small and have no brand guarantee, it is better to replace them once a year. As for non drinking faucets such as laundry, they can be used for a long time, but those that have been used for 6-7 years also need to be replaced.

The article comes from Kaiping stainless steel faucet manufacturer

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