Copper faucet and stainless steel faucet which is good?

2020-08-08 10:03:49

Nowadays, there are many kinds of tap materials in the market, such as PVC, ceramics, stainless steel, copper and so on. There is a big difference between the quality and quotation of faucets of different materials. Below, small make up to talk about pure copper faucet and stainless steel faucet difference and advantage comparison, which kind of material faucet is good.

Advantages of stainless steel faucets

Lead free stainless steel tap

Stainless steel does not contain lead, and acid, alkali, corrosion, does not release harmful substances, will not pollute your water source. It is good for human health, cleaning and environmental protection.


(2) the appearance is not easy to rust, beautiful and practical

The appearance of stainless steel faucet does not need electroplating, its appearance only needs polishing to show its stainless steel nature, and it keeps silver white luster and is not easy to rust. The polished stainless steel products have durable appearance, simple cleaning and luxurious appearance. The hardness and resistance of stainless steel are more than 2 times higher than that of copper. It is not easy to rust, corrode and deform.

Analysis of the advantages of pure copper faucet

(1) rare materials, high-grade decoration

At present, 99% of the advanced faucets at home and abroad are only made of copper. Because of the high cost of raw materials, it is usually suitable for high-grade decoration areas, such as star hotels, or luxury villas.

(2) the design is fashionable and the trend is popular

Copper's softness is higher, so it can produce rich products with novel appearance. Together, it is easy for designers to integrate fashionable and beautiful elements, and to give humanities and art, so that many customers like it.

However, now the popularity of stainless steel faucets is higher, and the reputation of consumers is also very good. Although the copper faucet is more appreciative, its high quotation is still daunting to many users.

The article comes from Kaiping stainless steel faucet manufacturer

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