Five ways to clean and maintain faucets

2020-08-08 10:03:49

Due to the chaotic market, it is difficult for consumers to choose lead-free faucets. In this regard, everyone can accept some clean maintenance tips to eliminate the hazards of excessive lead in the same common use. The following is your introduction to the common maintenance of faucets, elimination of lead hazards, looking forward to funding you.

1. Be knowledgeable in water supply and ensure healthy drinking water

Experts have proposed that when you turn on the tap every morning, you can empty it for a while, and use it to wash the toilet and mop the floor. Since the water just turned on the tap often contains more harmful substances, such as more lead precipitation. In the same way, a tap that hasn't been turned on for a long time can't be connected immediately for drinking.

Second, the longer the time, the more lead precipitates, and regular replacement

Replace and install faucets regularly. Nowadays, chlorine is often used as disinfectant in tap water, and the chloride compound of dregs in water will aggravate the precipitation of lead element in tap water. Generally speaking, copper alloy faucet use time more than 5 years, lead precipitation will be greatly increased. Therefore, it is not suitable to use the faucet for a long time.


3. Be diligent in clearing and removing impurities in the screen

If, after a period of time, the water yield decreases, and even the water heater turns off, it is probably that the sieve mesh is blocked by water and sand. At this time, gently screw off the screen cover at the water outlet of the faucet to remove impurities. Generally speaking, washing the impurities in the screen regularly, once every three months, is better for the water quality and the health of the family.

IV. protective coating of clean faucet

In order to protect the coating of the faucet, clean it with a soft cotton cloth that has been wrung out. Do not use a wet towel to wipe directly, so as not to leave scale, and do not wipe the crushed coating with burr. Do not let the tap encounter acid-base liquid, you can take a neutral detergent spray on soft cotton cloth, and then gently wipe the faucet.

V. protection against aging of coating and utilization of egg white insurance

The gold-plated parts of the gold-plated products are easy to fall off and lose the light. The light of the coating can be connected with the egg white. Beat the egg white with the egg beater until it is slightly foamed. Then wash the tap with warm water and wipe it dry. Then dip in a little egg white and wipe it gently in the gold plating department to protect the light of the plating layer.

The article comes from Kaiping stainless steel faucet manufacturer

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