Kitchen faucet purchase placement strategy

2020-08-08 10:03:49

At present, there are many kinds of faucets in the market. As a matter of fact, kitchen and bathroom faucets only focus on color, appearance, shape, shape and variety. However, it is easy to distinguish them from the efficacy and layout, so as long as you know what layout you need to buy faucets for there and what layout is necessary.

Faucets can be divided into three grades:

1. Pure imported products. It is characterized by good character, equal flow, smooth surface lines, light installation, soft water, both classical European romance and fierce characteristics of the period, durable.

2. Joint stock products. The quantity of such products is also guaranteed. Most of them are similar to the imported products in shape and have good after-sales services. However, they are not as rich as the import products in terms of structure, so there are few planned innovations.

3. Due to the difference of technology level, the domestic leading enterprises are slightly rough in appearance and cannot be used as imported products. However, as long as they are famous brands, they are still guaranteed. Their after-sales service is up to par.

It is worth careful is, can not attempt to self-control and buy low-grade faucets. Because these low-grade faucets choose materials that are not good copper, they mostly use copper that has not been analyzed and tested or some other scrap metal that can not be used to make faucets, which contains a lot of harmful substances to human body.

The tap is frequently used and easy to wear. But the market situation on the surface of the tap is not big, the surface closed better, consumers in the purchase of shame to the internal layout of the tap and the quality of the spool environment, to open the inspection is not easy. So, how to choose the ideal faucet without opening the valve core? Here are some tips.


First, look at the appearance. High quality faucet processing exquisite, good surface finish, can be close to the mirror results without distortion. When selecting a faucet, press your finger on the surface of the faucet, and the fingerprint will be scattered quickly, indicating that the coating is good; the more the fingerprint is printed, the worse it will be;

2. Turn the pain. When turning the handle of the faucet, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch. It is easy to close and open without obstruction, without slipping. The gap of inferior faucet is large and the sense of obstruction is great. Faucet up and down, left and right switch range can be stable to regulate the water temperature, as usual up and down to 30 degrees, about 90 degrees is good. But there is a point to be careful, the tap light does not mean good feel;

Listen to the sound. Good faucet should be group casting copper, knocking up sound boring, if the sound is very crisp, it is made of stainless steel material, the quality should be poor by a grade. The valve body and handle of good faucet are all refined by brass, with heavy weight and dignified feeling;

4. Identification of signs. As usual, regular products have the brand logo of the manufacturer, and some irregular products or some quality products often only paste some paper labels, even without any signs, so you must be sure to be stable when purchasing.

After the faucet is confirmed to be correct, it is also necessary to check the accessories. As usual, basin faucets all contain pull bar and faucet solid accessories; bathtub faucet must have shower, hose, bracket. In addition, as usual, the single handle mixing faucet is attached with the placement size drawing and the use of the specification when leaving the factory. When selecting, you should check carefully or ask for it from the store. If your home has only one bathroom, then you should buy the following faucet products, basin faucet 1; bathtub faucet (or shower faucet) 1; kitchen faucet 1; shower Suite 1 set; auxiliary angle valve 4 (kitchen faucet and basin faucet each two). When purchasing the shower, please be careful. If you buy a set, you don't need to buy any products separately. If you buy a shower only, you need to buy a hose, a landing rod or a fastener.

The article comes from Kaiping stainless steel faucet manufacturer

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