How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of faucets

2020-08-08 10:03:49

1. The cold water tap is installed on the tap water pipe for water discharge.

According to the difference of valve body material, the cold water faucet can be divided into copper faucet, malleable faucet and gray cast faucet. Although some faucets are made of the above three materials, their content and production process have problems, so they are easy to burst and damaged when placed.

The layout of the cold water faucet is mostly screw up and down type, that is, the screw can be lifted and lowered by the rotation of the handle. It is important to rely on the screw top rubber pad to play a sealing role. Its advantage is that the cost is more self-made, but the service life is shorter. Once the water leaks, just replace the following rubber pads.

2. The basin faucet is installed on the washbasin and is used to discharge cold water, hot water or mixed water. Its layout is: screw up and down type, metal ball valve type, ceramic spool type and so on. The valve body is made of brass, with chrome plating, gold plating and various colors of metal baking paint on the surface, with various shapes. The handle has single handle type and double handle type. Another basin faucet is equipped with a drop water lifting rod, which can be directly pulled to open the water outlet of the wash basin to remove sewage.

3. The bathtub faucet is installed on the upper side of the bathtub, which opens the hot and cold mixed water.

Can be connected to two cold and hot pipes is called dual type; in addition to connecting two cold and hot water pipes, there is also a shower nozzle device connected to the valve body called triple type. The layout of opening and closing water flow has spiral up and down type, metal ball valve type, ceramic valve core type and so on.

Now the market is more ceramic spool type single handle bathtub faucet. The water temperature can be regulated by a single handle, which is convenient to use; the ceramic valve core makes the faucet more durable and watertight. The valve body of bathtub faucet is mostly made of brass, with chrome plating, gold plating and various metal baking paints.


4. The shower faucet is arranged on the top of the shower room, and is used to open the mixed cold and hot water.

Valve body is also made of brass, with chrome plating, gold plating and so on. The methods of opening and closing water flow are screw lifting type, ceramic valve core type and so on. There are many kinds of faucets, which should be considered when purchasing. Different brands of sanitary ware, the size of the tap requirements are also different.

Basin faucets can be divided into two types: the basin on the stage and the basin under the stage; the kitchen faucet can be divided into single hole straight type installation and wall entry installation; the shower faucet can be divided into hose shower and embedded wall shower; the one with special effect is thermostatic faucet and dragon with water filtering device For example, the faucet with single hole can be installed at the faucet of the basin; for example, the faucet with three holes can be installed with a 4-inch partition, and some 8-inch faucets can be installed with single handle or double handle faucets. First buy sanitary ware and then match the faucet.

Identifying advantages

The advantage and disadvantage of bibcock quality, interior structure is key. In particular, the valve core directly affects the service life of the faucet. But as a consumer, the same usually can not see these, so how to identify the pros and cons of the consumer leader?

After the tap is disassembled, the faucet body, valve core, handle, screws, nuts and other parts are divided. The appearance of the faucet body and handle is chrome plated, which requires even luster and smooth handle. The sound of knocking on the tap is dull. This shows that the tap is made of copper, and some faucets will make a very brittle sound. This is alloy material, and the quality is very poor. In the global faucet sales, ceramic valve core accounts for 90%. The so-called ceramic valve core is actually a ceramic chip which is occluded with each other. If the water quantity is controlled by them, the ceramic valve core is much more wear-resistant than the rubber gasket. The advantages of the ceramic valve core are wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the service life of the ceramic valve core faucet can reach 5-10 years.

The article comes from Kaiping stainless steel faucet manufacturer

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