What should I do if the tap is leaking?

2020-08-08 10:03:49

Faucet this day often use high frequency of sanitary ware, no one, small items easy to purchase, exchange more convenient, so it is difficult to cause people's attention. But how many men who think they are experts, have you really passed the switch of faucet? The replacement is not meticulous, and the leakage of faucets is not a small number for many years. Since they are small items, it is not necessary for poor people to come to repair them. Waiting is also a poor thing. Take a look at the repair skills that Xiaobian brings to you to fix the leakage of faucets. Soft girls can also fight. It's so simple.

1. Prepare things

First of all, you should inspect the main structure of your faucet, and then prepare a medium sized flat mouth screw driver and a 30-50 opening sports wrench.


2. Control pace

1) if the hot and cold faucet is controlled by a main water inlet valve, close the main valve. When the hot and cold water inlet pipe is left, then close the corresponding two valves.

2) open the accessory "cold and hot label (handle firmly, screw rod hole plug)" with a flat screwdriver. Insert a flat screwdriver into the hole plug (cold and hot mark hole) of the handle firmly, and turn the screwdriver counterclockwise (left) for about 3 turns.

3) fully grasp the handle of the faucet with the left hand, and pull it upward with force. At the same time, use the handle at the back end of the screwdriver (it must be made of non-metallic material, otherwise the appearance of the faucet will be damaged), so that the accessory "water outlet handle" will be dispersed.

4) counter clockwise (left-handed) end cover fitting, the end cover and the main body are dispersed.

5) put the start of the sports wrench at the hexagon position of the accessory "core body tightening hexagonal sleeve", adjust the size of the start of the exercise wrench, rotate it anticlockwise, remove and check the ceramic valve core. If it is complete, turn it clockwise (right-hand), and tighten the valve core; if it is damaged, replace it with a new one.

6) replace the accessories as they are (fine red for hot water side and blue for cold water side).

The article comes from Kaiping stainless steel faucet manufacturer http://www.llg365.com

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