What are the water taps like?

2020-08-08 10:03:49


The external surface of faucet is usually chrome plated. The commercial coating has regular technical requirements, and after a certain period of salt spray test, there is no corrosion in the regular time limit. In the case of sufficient light, the goods can be placed in the hand for observation at a straight interval. The appearance of the faucet should be black and bright like a mirror, without any oxidation mottling and scorching marks; there is no air hole, no foaming, no missing plating, and the color is uniform; there is no burr or sand particles by hand; the fingerprints will spread quickly and it is not easy to attach scale when pressing the appearance of the faucet with fingers. Some of the faucet surface selection of titanium plating, bronze plating (imitation gold plating), imitation gold electrophoretic paint and other methods. The surface corrosion of the faucet coated with electrophoretic paint or bronze is usually very fast, and the three are difficult to distinguish, but usually the quality assurance card will indicate the requirements for the appearance of the faucet.


The shell of the main part of the faucet is usually cast with brass material, which is subject to sand cleaning, turning, pickling and infiltration, pressure test, polishing and electroplating. Some manufacturers choose zinc alloy instead to reduce production cost. The handle, fitting nut and change-over valve of three-way bathtub faucet are basically made of brass, zinc alloy and ABS engineering plastics; the wall cover is made of copper, stainless steel and plastic; the connecting nut, the migraine joint and the shell of water outlet nozzle are made of brass. The above parts are recommended to use brass materials. The plating quality of the products made of brass can be guaranteed, and the corrosion resistance time is longer. The higher the purity of brass is, the better the electroplating quality is, and the less corrosive the surface plating layer is. Zinc alloy electroplating quality is poor, corrosion resistance is poor, but the price of ABS process plastics is cheap and the electroplating quality is poor. Weight estimation, scratch on non required surface and surface plating quality can be used for identification. Brass is heavier and harder, zinc is lighter and softer, and plastic is lighter and softer. However, the national standard rules do not allow the use of zinc alloy data for parts in direct contact with drinking water.



Faucet has a variety of styles and functions, according to the use of punishment is usually used for washbasin, kitchen sink, bathtub, shower, body cleaner and so on. According to the function, there are usually, induction, constant temperature and so on. For example: the induction type faucet has the function of active sensing water outflow, reaching to the water outlet of the faucet, which is convenient, hygienic and more suitable for public places (Senior) toilets.


Valve core is the heart of faucet, ceramic valve core. Ceramic valve core is selected for the products with good quality, which has strong wear resistance and good sealing performance, and can be used for more than 300000 ~ 500000 times; for low-grade commodities, copper and rubber seals are mostly used, with short service life and low quotation.


Turn the handle quietly to see if it is simple and sensitive, whether there is blockage, and check whether the various parts of the faucet, especially the primary parts, are installed tightly, and there should be no loosening feeling.

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