15 years of development, design, and production of bathroom products

SINCE 2009

This is a stylish brand

Originating from the pursuit of the bathroom, LLG bathroom was born under the collision of fashion inspiration and creativity. Fashion, making people look forward to, giving people imagination, from the colorful and dazzling trend stage to the fashionable water bath culture... The waves are high, achieving an elegant bathroom space. Life comes from the appreciation of taste, and the visual interpretation of individual tension. LLG advocates for a "new life, new standards" and sets the direction for progress based on this.

Pursuing a bathroom life that integrates bathing culture and humanistic atmosphere, interpreting the brand's connotation, showcasing trends and classics with art, committed to creating a warm, comfortable, and tasteful home for you, and creating a high-quality leisure life for you.


Development experience


Product patent


1. Functional Design

Customization with a sense of exclusivity

Humanized ingenuity

Practical innovation

Functionality is given to the design, space is diversified, and every corner of the home is developed.

We take care of your feelings from all aspects, allowing you to fully release your emotions in this small world. We welcome you to explore the possibilities of more bathroom products with us.


2. Naturalize

Green and environmentally friendly

Dialogue with nature

Adhering to the brand concept of green, healthy, and environmentally friendly, focusing on high-end customization of spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, providing users with a new experience of comfort, technology, and superiority, interpreting the ideal home life.


3. Experience upgrade

Craftsmanship and cleverness

Ergonomic testing

Choose freely

LLG has always followed a modern, minimalist, and comfortable bathroom lifestyle, and its products have all passed ergonomic testing to ensure comfortable use.


We are dedicated to providing you with inspiration and support

From design to responsibility, LLG adds a better experience to your bathroom life

Create a fashionable and elegant bathroom space for you

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