Concealed Shower Solution

The pipelines and joints hidden within the wall not only make the bathroom more concise and beautiful, but also bring more freedom to the shower experience by creating more space - thus providing a more enjoyable shower experience for both body and mind. Make your bathroom stand out through concealed installation technology. The hidden pipelines and joints inside the wall not only make your bathroom more beautiful, but also create more activity space. Therefore, concealed installation achieves better shower enjoyment, a more concise appearance, and greater freedom in the bathtub.

Innovative Design

LLG, with a minimalist style and a design and development philosophy of "fashion and health", has always adhered to the combination of modern technology and artistic elements. Originating from the special artistic touch and the concept of advocating health, it extracts and concentrates the essence of bathroom culture, and uses the world's advanced design concepts for reference to create unique bathroom products.

Selected Materials

Starting from the source, establish a solid quality defense line, select high-quality raw materials, ensure product quality, and only be responsible to customers.

Exquisite Craftsmanship And Ingenuity Are Condensed

Strict quality inspection is carried out layer by layer to ensure the quality of each product.
The product needs to go through rigorous and strict processes from production to shipment to ensure a high factory pass rate. Dedicated quality inspectors, advanced quality inspection equipment, and strict management processes are only necessary to ensure the quality of each product.


Patent Certificate Authentication

We focus on ODM/OEM, mainly exporting to the US and European markets, strictly adhering to the ISO9001 production management system, and possessing multiple patent certificates to meet different market demands. Our products are sold worldwide and can meet the needs of different customers.